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An effective credit function may not sell, but always ensures profitable sales happen.


Credit function becomes successful by partnering and contributing into success of others, especially sales, treasury and customer service.


Prevention is easier than costly cure. Focus on foreseeing and eliminating possible issues makes a credit function substantially more effective.


High-performance of credit function derives from synergy between customers’ setup, control over receivables and assurance of cash receipts.


Significant potential to achieve all of these lays in a way you manage your credit. We have the range of services helping to build or improve credit management function within a business of any type. You can gather a combination suitable for your business and we are at your service should you need any help!

Do you want your product or service be sold, paid and re-ordered? 
 Effective credit function stays in the center and animates this cycle. We will build a new function from scratch or re-build existing and make sure it spins generating cash for your business.

Do you know how much credit risk you take? We help you to see a risk you were taking in past, taking now and would need to take in order to achieve planned sales volumes. See credit risk before it materialized into loss!

Do you sell as much as you can? We will help you with finding equally competitive and efficient terms of trade credit. Your products and services will utilize their full market potential.

Is credit commonly understood in your company? We will help you to form a policy equally supported by all involved parties. Do not waste time of your people on unnecessary disputes anymore!

Can your credit function perform better? We will find all the reasons for underperformance and offer ways to eliminate them. Get the maximum out of your investments!

Need a credit firefighter? Resolution of difficult business cases requires expertise, but you do not face them very often. Have high class credit professional exactly when needed!

Do your credit personnel have answers? Receiving a right answer at a right moment can save lots of money. Let us share our expertise with your credit team!

Do your credit people have knowledge and skills? Working attitude and motivation of your people combined with knowledge and skills will multiply your cash flow!

Without trying to give you recommendations you do not need we simply make sure you have everything necessary to always take RIGHT decisions at the right time.

Latest news
02 Nov 2014

To get closer to our partners in Eastern Europe we created Russian version of the site. Welcome!


31 Aug 2014

We are pleased to annouce the launch of Credit Engineering website!

Here you can find information about our concept in the section Fresh materials








The article by Andriy Sichka published in Credit, Collections and RIsk magazine, April 2014.

Despite the fact that teamwork is being highlighted…

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